About Us

Harbinger Investments makes equity investments in middle market companies in the following industries: media (direct and web-enabled marketing), outsourced business services, and logistics/distribution.  We also provide transactional services to middle market corporations, helping them raise capital and navigate both sell and buy side opportunities. In special circumstances such as distressed sales and geographic extensions, we consider other verticals such as real estate, health-care, or insurance on a case-by-case basis.

We have deep experience in emerging markets (India, Latin America, and hi-growth ethnic segments within the US) and in situations requiring flexibility in financial structuring.  We look to build companies that are market leaders with a sustainable competitive advantage and predictable profitability and cash flow. We are investors, advisers, and operators, providing expertise to help define and execute on ambitious business plans.

We invest in a select number of companies and stay focused on long-term value creation. Unlike traditional private equity firms, Harbinger has flexible investment time horizons giving us the latitude to build successful companies that stand the test of time.  In our advisory work, we help clients in all aspects of the financial landscape, from fundraising to consummating transactions that support their long-term business and personal goals.

We focus on investment opportunities at times of change‚ÄĒresponding at points of inflection where value creation is possible. Our understanding of industry trends, regulatory regimes, international trade, and global demographics helps us identify opportunities that maximize value for our investors & partners.

Our close work with intermediaries and executive teams drives performance improvement and unlocks shareholder value. And we actively oversee each investment by helping its management develop and execute strategic initiatives; close and integrate subsequent acquisitions; obtain debt and/or equity financing; recruit high impact personnel; and generate liquidity options in public and/or private markets.

Harbinger has offices in Washington DC and south Florida.